Hello beautiful sisters!:)

I finally have found the courage and confidence to announce and commit to create and hold my first BRAVE WOMAN RETREAT in Winter 2019. 

I'm playing around with two of my fave wild heart destinations - BALI & now also GOA. 

In February 2019, we'll gather for the 1st BRAVE WOMAN RETREAT in lush Northern Bali.

For me, Bali is the place where I arrived first after quitting my job and embarked on this now almost 2,5 years journey full ups and downs, bliss and pain, joy and grief. Bali is my heart home - the energy is incredible. It's very maternal, feminine and deep - earthy, rooting energy. It always takes me to the deepest points that I tried ignoring but in such a gentle, raw, soft and honest way.

Where India is so wild, into-the-face, more masculine and super-out-of-comfort-zone. It smashes me every time and brings me to my knees to feel the earth and rise from there and connect with the divine. Goa is so wild and liberating from all conditioning that keeps me blocked and holding back for the sake of being accepted and loved.

Since I've done my yoga teacher training two years ago in Costa Rica I created teaching opportunities all around the world even though it's until today super out-of-comfort-zone. I've done beach yoga where only my than boyfriend would attend and distribute flyers during low season in Mexico,  I thought Empowerment Workshops in nature in Prague, Slovakia, and Zurich in small groups and for me huge classes of 25 people in a huge building in crazy Bangkok. And I LOVE IT. It's challenging, it's nurturing and the best: I love seeing women letting go of what they think they should be/do and feeling their heart again. Now I'm diving into the 1st 100h module of my 300 hours training - learning all about goddesses, breaking rules and living courageously a life in the wild - with my two wild amazing teachers and sisters Heidi and Jessica. I feel so called to be of service and teach from the place of my own experiences and leave you with questions to discover your own journey.

My life and teaching remind me of this one sentence from the Radiance Sutras:

"The terror and joy of realizing one's soul."

I believe in a life lived from the heart.Deeply feeling everything and go about the intuition even if it's fucking scary and painful. Last year I finally made the step to let go of my relationship and so much loved boyfriend with whom I lived intensively for 1,5 years on the road. My heart kept telling me that it is time to let go and learn to be alone. I was scared so deeply to make this step but finally realized that life will never feel and be slowly and naturally if I keep holding on to a picture that I've created in my head and try to control everything around me.

Control will just create more tension and heaviness, where trust leads to flow and experiencing life RICHLY.

I want to feel ALIVE. I want to live a RICH life. Means deeply experiencing all that life gives me - feeling it, sensing it, smelling it, tasting it. 

Because not living in alignment with your heart is being dead before death. It means denying and hurting yourself so deeply. It's not always easy to die again and again on this inner journey but anything else is not an option anymore - numbing myself just doesn't work anymore. You can only experience deep joy if you have met your deepest pain. 

So sister... I want to create this safe space for you to experience and play with life beyond your comfort-zone, shoulds and conditioning.  Space where you can meet your most natural Self, shed skins and deeply connect with other amazing brave women. It will include amazing food, different empowering ceremonies (like cacao or playing with senses), yoga, meditation, pranayama, enJOYing life in beautiful nature and feeling like a goddess in a beautiful space.

If you're a bit scared to embark on this wild raw journey but you FEEL called to be curious and just gather more information, please sign up below, as soon as I know more, you'll get an email from me and are free to feel into if it is the right thing for you now in your life.

So much love, terror, and joy from Goa,
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