Welcome beautiful soul! 

I'm all about rawness, honesty, and transparency. Too long I didn't live authentically nor did I listen to my heart.

We're all on a journey and I wanna empower you with my stories and thoughts.

Because you're not alone or strange.

What you feel is important. 

I wish to live in a society where we stop creating taboos which don't serve - neither personally nor as collective. If you wanna join me in this mission - start by empowering yourself - by taking responsibility and realizing that you can step into your power and create real, beautiful change.

If it's a yes, I'd welcome you in my inner circle - let's build a mindful community together and
meet all around the world. You'll get a letter from me on every full and new moon. 


PS. Hey, how are you? What are your challenges at the moment? always happy to connect with you - just drop me an e-mail to hello@magicallifeofaleks.com <3
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